Exclusive hotels and camps on the Arabian Peninsula

Luxury hotels and desert camps on the Arabian Peninsula - where Orient and Occident meet

Get to know the beauty and fascination of the Arabian Peninsula in our selected luxury hotels and desert camps.

The Arabian Peninsula is considered to be the link between orient and occident. It is the world's largest peninsula and geologically belongs to Africa, but geographically is part of Asia. It borders the Gulf of Aqaba, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf in the North-east. Discover the magic of the Orient, unique landscapes, deserts as far as the eye can reach, as well as lush, green countryside, fascinating metropolises, splendid mosques and palaces and dreamlike sandy beaches with water as clear as crystal. Let yourself pamper by the exotic flavour of the Arabian Peninsula, plunge into the bustling life between tradition and modernity and experience a destination full of contrasts on the Arabian Peninsula.

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