Terms and Conditions

CONTRACT: This forms a legal agreement in terms of a holiday rental contract, governed by European and German laws (§651a-m BGB / German Civil Code), between Domizile Reisen KG (DR) and you 'the tenant´. The person sending the booking form accepts contractual responsibility for those he/she nominates as accompanying people, in addition to his/her liability. On sending the booking form the tenant totally and unconditionally accepts the "Terms and booking conditions". Should these conditions be effected by any changes, such as an alteration to the property description, they will only become part of the rental contract if confirmed in writing by Domizile Reisen.

PAYMENT: Payments shall be settled by bank transfer to our Deutsche Bank account (IBAN: DE30 7007 0024 0660 9044 00 / BIC-SWIFT: DEUTDEDBMUC). A deposit payment of 30 % of the total rent in addition to optional cancellation insurance costs are due immeditely. No extra confirmation of receipt of the rental deposit is normally given. Final payment is due 28 days prior to the start of your rental. In the case of bookings made less than 28 days prior to the rental, full payment is due immediately. Always quote the booking reference and date of travel with any correspondence or payment.

TRAVELLING DOCUMENTS: Provided all payments have been received in due time, you will be send a voucher that serves as entrance pass to the house and must be shown to the keyholder on arrival. The voucher lists the client's name, the number of persons in his party, and the extra costs not included in the Booking Contract such as heating, etc. In addition, you will be provided a road itinerary to the house, indicating the house address, name of the owner/keyholder, eventual telephone number, and precise directions to the house.

OCCUPATION: Only those persons listed on the Booking Form may reside at the property and this must not exceed the number as stated in the property description. Please note, that this includes children older than 2 years. Should the owner/key holder find more persons than stated, it is up to his or our discretion to ask you 'the tenants' to vacate the property. Furthermore we reserve the right to cancel the rental contract immediately without notice and without compensation.

DAMAGE/SECURITY DEPOSIT: Together with the final payment or at the time of arrival the tenant will be asked to hand over a damage/security deposit as stated on our website. Failure on paying the damage deposit can result in the key holder refusing giving access to the house.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE TENANTS: The holiday home must be treated with care and respect. On departure the accommodation must be left tidy. The tenant is obliged to avoid, or minimize any possible disruptions to services arising during their stay, within the bounds of legal requirements. If the tenant does not comply with this obligation through his own negligence, no claims against Domizile Reisen can be made. Pets, if allowed in the rental object, must not enter the pool, nor must they be placed on sofas or beds. It the case of failure the owner reserves the right to be compensated for the damage arising and additionally we claim the right to cancel the rental contract immediately without prior notice and without compensation. The person sending the booking form is responsible for the correct and decent behavior of his party. Should one of the party behave in a manner that is not acceptable by civilized standards, the owner/keyholder or we may ask the client and his party to vacate the house.

CHANGE OF THE LETTING PERIOD: If the tenant applies for a change of the letting period, a revised confirmation, based on the rates of the new letting period, will be issued and a service fee of EUR 60,00 becomes effective.

CHANGE OF THE ACCOMODATION: If the tenant applies for a change of accommodation after a booking confirmation/invoice has been issued, this will be considered as a cancellation and a new rental contract will be required.

CANCELLATION: The tenant may cancel the rental contract at any time prior to the arrival. A written declaration must be submitted. A cancellation becomes effective on the day when the written declaration is received at Domizile Reisen. The following cancellation fees will become effective:
Up to 60 days prior to start of rental - 30 % of total rental cost.
Between 59 and 30 days prior to start of rental - 50 % of total rental cost.
From 29 days prior to start of arrival - 90 % of total rental cost.
We strongly recommend to purchase travel insurance.

LIABILITY OF THE AGENT: We guarantee and vouch for... i. correctness of the rental agreement control and careful choice of accommodation, ii. correctness of description of the accommodation, iii. availability of facilities as listed on the travel voucher/invoice. If due to circumstance out of our control a confirmed accommodation can not be provided an equivalent or higher level substitude accomodation will be offered. Should the tenant refuse acceptance of thi alternative accommodation, either side may terminate the booking contract. In this case the liability of Domizile Reisen is limited to the reimbursement of payments made by the client.

SWIMMING POOL: The swimming pool, if available according to our description, is not open all year. If your rental period is without the range of June 01 until Sep. 30, please verify the operation of the pool at the time of booking. The use of the pool is at the full risk of the tenants. Children must be supervised at all times. Neither Domizile Reisen nor the owner of a rental object can be held responsible for the use of the pool.

VALUABLES: Keeping and/or leaving valuables in the property is at the full risk of the tenant. Neither Domizile Reisen nor the onwer can be held responsible for the loss or theft of such.

COMPLAINTS: Any complaints concerning the accommodation must be reported to the Domizile Reisen within 48 hours of the complaint or dissatisfaction arising. Tenants vacating the accommodation prematurely without expressive consent of Domizile Reisen loose all rights to claim reimbursement. Likewise, complaints made on return from the accommodation can not be verified and, therefore can not be considered for any possible reimbursement.

DISPUTE: Legal proceedings, arising out of, or in connection with this contract, which can not be amicably settled, will be governed in all respects by the laws of Germany and all parties submit to the jurisdiction of Starnberg Courts at all times. On signing the booking form the tenant totally and unconditionally accepts these booking conditions. Ineffectiveness of single clauses of these conditions do not automatically nullify the conditions in total.

DOMIZILE REISEN KG • Ammerseestr. 18 • 82131 Gauting/Germany • Managing Director: Arthur P. Mattejat