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We are regularly on the move for you in search of new VACATION PROPERTIES and attractive holiday destinations. We make careful and individual selections. For more than 30 years we have been in personal contact with our house owners, hoteliers and our partners. You will find our holiday villas in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, as well as in distant destinations such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bali, the Caribbean, Morocco, Oman and South Africa.

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We have developed a personal passion especially for South Africa and are pleased to share with you our experiences from Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.
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Moments with us

Helga Erber experienced her first house rental adventure by offering an accommodation solution in her own house to the Japanese television team during 1972 Munich Olympics. This was the opportunity to accumulate sufficient capital for her to finally actualize her dream to start her own small travel agency. Following her short maternity leave, she founded the company DOMIZILE REISEN in 1986, now a renowned 30 years expert vacation rental travel agency in Europe. At that time she was member of a well-known Munich artist family, where her passion for style and design has flourished. There she had opportunities to meet many intellectuals from all around the world, by whom she was inspired, to rent their summer houses which would otherwise remain idol. Thus, her idea of ​​vacation home rentals was born and professionally implemented. Helga Erber is therefore one of the pioneers of vacation home rentals business. Her passion for design, luxury and art of living quickly led her to success. As years passed by DOMIZILE REISEN became an expert vacation curator for connoisseurs by offering them exclusive villas in most selective destinations.
Core of her success lied in the trustworthy relationships she built with clients and house owners, such as with Cathy and Mats Hummels today, whose houses in Croatia are exclusively offered for rental by DOMIZILE REISEN. House owners who invest in luxury villas and have them furnished by famous architects as well as their refined taste, want to make sure whom to trust when it comes to the choice of renting the villa out for certain periods of the year. Owners of Can Trull villa in Ibiza and Aegina Beach villa in Greece are other examples who have a trustworthy and exclusive connection with DOMIZILE REISEN, whereby the privileged clientele of the company can benefit. First participation of the company as an exhibitor at the ILTM International Luxury Travel Market exhibition in Cannes in 2016 has developed and strengthened their position as a provider of luxury vacations in the international market.

After 30 years of expertise in vacation villa rentals; Helga Erber is now combining her personal passion for music, opera and culinary arts with niche selective private group tours exclusively curated by her.
Verdi Festival in Parma taking place annually on the composer’s birthday right in the place where he was born, has been a perfect prelude to put Helga Erber's new impulses into action. At the centre of the trip organized by DOMIZILE REISEN were the famous Verdi composed operas: Don Carlos Opera in Teatro Reggio and the premiere of Giovanna D'Arco in the Teatro Farnese.
Not only the two aforementioned premier Opera performances, but also the visit to the famous cheese factory Parmigiano Reggiano and the Antica Corte Pallevicina known for its delicious Culatello di Zibello, belonged to the exclusively curated itinerary.
„How can one separate the delicious Parmesan cheese and Parma ham from Italian culinary arts? I could not have excluded them from my tour planning and search of highlights.“
Verdi's birth house, St. Michael's Church, Villa Verdi Sant’ Agata and a Michelin star restaurant dinner were the other highlights of the trip chosen personally by Helga Erber. All guests who participated in this unique trip were delighted and look forward to the next equally attractive program creation.
„There is one thing for certain“ says Ms Helga Erber, „Verdi’s operas are among the most widely performed around the world, and his contribution to music is extraordinary and will always be well remembered.“
„My passion for music and culinary delights along with my travel experience have inspired me to organise special theme tours for our customers."A short video of the tour to Parma can be found both on DOMIZILE REISEN website and same named You Tube channel.
The intention of DOMIZILE REISEN is to expand and highlight further opera and cultural trips in their programme.

"I have traveled to many countries and have visited several unique cultural attractions, as I wanted to make sure that the destinations offered by DOMIZILE REISEN will please our selective connoisseur clientele. I have been building our exclusive holiday villa program since 30 years and I have visited most of our hand-picked villas personally. We have gained a large market share of luxury villas especially in the Mediterranean region in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, France and Croatia as well as Portugal. On the Balearic Islands - Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca - we have a special selection of exclusive fincas and luxury villas. DOMIZILE REISEN has built a strong position in the vacation rental market also in the destinations like Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Bari, Sri Lanka Morocco and South Africa. Here I would like to particularly thank to my current life and company partner, Arthur Mattejat, who has been greatly enriching DOMIZILE REISEN with his outstanding marketing and communication skills. Our common love for travelling and communicating with people from other countries has brought us together quickly. After many years of joint work and harmonious private life, we have sealed our relationship officially some years ago.“
„Life itself is a wonderful inspirational journey and one of the things which makes my life more beautiful is to inspire others and share my passion with them.“ says Helga Erber reflecting how she combines her joy of life with her business.