Luxury cruises with a private airplane in business class configuration

Domizile Reisen collaborates with a renowned partner from Switzerland and Austria in order to serve you with a special journey. Fly around the world in the exclusively chartered plane and experience the most beautiful cities and islands on earth. Lean back and relax and let the privat jet fly you around the world.

Contact us at Tel.: +49 (0) 89 83 30 84 or We are happy to help! Kindly send us your TRAVEL INQUIRY.

Around the world in a private VIP jet

Fly around the world for 24 days in a private VIP jet

Itinerary 2022:

Vienna/Zurich - Turks and Caicos/Caribbean - Mérida/Mexico - La Paz/Baja California - Hawaii - Samoa/Polynesia - Port Moresby/Papua New Guinea - Singapore - Udaipur/India - Vienna - Zurich

in November 2022