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Brittany is known as the Land of Legends. Its history, the Celtic influences, legendary memorial cities and landscapes full of mysteries fascinate all visitors of Brittany region. The legends of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are omnipresent here. In the forests of Brittany, King Arthur is said to have searched for the Holy Grail. In this magical place, one can go on the trail of the magician Merlin, the fairy Viviane and the knight Lancelot.

Many artists, musicians, story-tellers, dancers and filmmakers have also been inspired by Brittany. The coasts and the picturesque towns of Brittany, have inspired Paul Gauguin and Claude Monet with their unique light and colours. Some of their most remarkable works were made here. Musée des Beaux-Arts in Pont-Aven exhibits famous paintings of French and international artists.

Like the landscape and the art, the cuisine of Brittany has also much to offer. It is one of the leading gastronomy regions in France and is characterized by seafood. Oysters and mussels from Brittany are well-known throughout the world. Also, Brittany is the home of Crepes and the Galettes. Crepes are made of light dough and are filled with sweet tastes, delicious Galettes on the other hand are made from dark buckwheat flour.
Brittany is ideal for a vacation of diversities in an exclusive holiday villa.