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Golf in Tuscany

Golfvilla in der Toskana
Golf courses in Tuscany
Tuscany commands some of the most beautiful and famous golf courses of Italy. Due to the mild climate, golfing in Tuscany is possible almost all year round. Among the breathtaking nature and the popular, hilly Tuscan landscape, the golf courses offer a paradise for every handicap. Golf ranks among the Tuscan attitude to life, therefore the courses, facilities and their style and ambience are looked after very well. Tuscan golf courses do not only persuade with their unique greens and fairways, but also with cleanness, kindness and excellent service. Besides the altitude difference all golf courses possess several water barriers and many shady trees that make the courses both challenging and diversified. For most of the courses a reservation is recommended, especially during the high season.
Golfen Pisa und Lucca
Golf courses in Pisa and Lucca
The 18-hole units are distributed all over Tuscany. In the northwest of the region, in the province Lucca there are two of the courses close to the correspondent capital. Cosmopolitan Golf is located southwest and is a rather flat but very spacious golf course. It is playable in many different lengths and bribes with its Scottish character. Besides the water barriers, the course is very challenging owing to its many dunes. All the facilities, including pool can be used and enjoyed. Mondays are off. Northwest of Lucca, near Forte dei Marmi one can find the Versilia Golf Club This course is located between the mountains and the ocean and is extremely neat. Part of the course serves as a bird sanctuary, where ducks, pheasants and other species have found a home. The narrow fairways make the course quite superior, but not impossible to play. Versilia is open every day during the summer months. During the winter Tuesdays are off.
Golfen bei Florenz
Golf around Florence
A multitude of the big Tuscan golf courses are located in the region of Florence. The Ugolino Golf Club lies in the southwest of Florence and is the oldest Tuscan and one of Italy´s oldest golf courses. The fantastic scenery of the Chianti, along with the great view over the hilly vineyards arranges the great Tuscan flair. The Golf & Country Club Poggio dei Medici is situated in the north east of Florence. This renowned golf course was constructed on an old villa estate in 1996 and features modern comfort amongst the Mugello area. The green is playable in five lengths and offers a beautiful panorama over the charming Tuscan scenery. Le Pavoniere that was also built on a former villa estate, elates with its countless cypresses and the pheasants that cross the course. The staff of the club is exceedingly friendly and the exclusive clubhouse is very prestigious and popular. The golf course Montecatini is a hilly and spacious complex that is very shady because of its old tree population. Furthermore the moats, walls and bushed present attractive barriers. Along with the altitude difference is golf course is not only vivid but also challenging.
Golfen in der Toskana
Golf in the South of Tuscany
Two of the most famous golf courses are located in Grosseto province, the southernmost province of Tuscany. The Golf Club Toscana, which is open all year round, is seamed by olive groves. In the north of the city Grosseto one can enjoy the great views over the sea and the mountains, and, at the last hole, even over the island Elba and Corsica. Moats and little ponds form natural barriers. The golf course is internationally well known and therefore engages very obliging and multilingual staff. The facilities like the clubhouse and the pool that can also be used by the players are not only very inviting but also very neat and clean. The golf course Punta Ala that is located in the correspondent town, is also open year round for international public. The most famous and most photographed golf course in Italy offers great views over the ocean and lies amongst the beautiful Tuscan coast area. Punta Ala belongs to the most coveted 18-hole golf courses in Italy.
Golfen Toskana
Golf in the heart of Tuscany
The idyllic golf course Castelfalfi is located in the heart of Tuscany, near San Gimignano. Due to its many moats and the difference in height this course is the most challenging one in Italy. Therefore golf carts are recommended. 300 meters above the sea level the course partly features amazing views over the ocean. The broad sunflower fields and the beautiful cypress groves prepare a great ambience for the players.
Golfen Toskanaküste
9-hole golf courses
The 9-hole golf courses of Tuscany are worth visiting as well. Just like the big courses, one can find the smaller complexes all over Tuscany. The province Pisa possesses brilliant golf courses. Tirrenia is located amongst the stone pinewoods between Pisa and Livorno, in the immediate vicinity to the Cosmopolitan Golf Club and the sea. On hot days, the trees and the sea breeze create a comfortable climate for golfers. The same convenient climate occurs on the island of Elba. The golf course Acquabona with its gentle hills, offers a gorgeous ambience for golf holidays. The idyllic golf club Casentino is situated in the west of Tuscany, in the province Arezzo. High above the valley of the Arno one can overpeer the whole vale with its impressive landscape and the medieval buildings while playing a match.
Golfvillen Toskana
Training courses in Tuscany
The majority of the training courses are located in the north of Tuscany. The provinces Lucca, Siena, Arezzo and Florence offer the most beautiful golf courses. The clubs are located in the middle of the fascinating Tuscan landscape, where practicing and striking off is twice as beautiful. The smaller drill grounds give newcomers the opportunity to learn golf from scratch and enable advanced learners to prove their skills. Balls and clubs are usually included in the price. Vicopelago Golf Club is located near Lucca. The province Siena also commands two excellent drill grounds, Villa Cennina Golf Club and Golf Club Villa Gori Siena. Practising and little matches can also be carried out in the Golf Club Arezzo and in the Golf Club Parco di Firenze . Therefore Tuscany is a paradise for all golfers! Pisa and the coast Beaches in Tuscany