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On a total length of more than 300 km there are countless beaches along the Tuscan coast. Tuscany commands a great variety of beaches, from the long, endless sandy beaches to fine shingle beaches and the many rocky, partly hidden bays. Tuscany leaves nothing to be desired. They provide a shady spot and a little retreat for seaside vacationers and a wonderful place to hike and bike for the athletic. Tuscany is also well known for its clean and clear water. After numerous awards, the so-called "Bandiere Blu", Tuscany was elected the winner of the cleanest water of Italy. In the vacation resorts of Tuscany the beaches are usually private and liable to pay costs. These "bagni" often provide sun beds, parasols, sometimes even facilities like restaurants or snack bars, cafés or playgrounds. Free beaches that are usually less overcrowded and more natural are located outside of town.
In the north of the region, in the provinces Massa-Carrara and Lucca, that border the Apuanian Alps and whose landmark is the shiny white marble, reportedly one will find the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany. The very fine sandy beaches are partly 200 meters wide and a few kilometres long, like in Pietrasanta. Furthermore the crystal clear water and the neat bathing resorts bribe the visitors. Forte dei Marmi is one of the most frequently visited resorts in northern Tuscany, but also Viareggio is very popular and well known for its beach, which is among the longest beaches of Italy.
In the Province Livorno the diversity of the Tuscan beaches is supposable the greatest. Along the Etruscan coast there are both sandy and shingle beaches and many rocky sections that form a nice contrast to the tourist resorts. The many little bays that are primarily located in the north of the province offer a romantic spot for couples and vacationers who want to enjoy the peace and quiet. The crystal clear water is very inviting for snorkelling and diving as well. Besides the pinewoods that seam the scenic coast of Tuscany, Marina di Bibbona also attracts visitors with the dunes that create a fantastic beach and holiday flair. The peninsula Piombino is located in the south of Livorno; it is very rocky on the one hand but offers beautiful hiking trail on the other hand, where one can enjoy the great views over the sea and the island Elba. Further north of the peninsula one will find the bay of Populonia, supposedly the only bay in Tuscany that bribes the tourists with its fine white sand. The gulf of Barrati is also very suitable for families with children because the water declines very vapidly and one can go quite far into the sea. Another destination for families is the resort Marina di Donoratico. San Vincenzo is not only a paradise for families but also for those vacationers that love the wideness because this beach extends more than five km along the coast.

Province Grosseto Grosseto is the southernmost province of Tuscany and also called the area of the Maremma. Here one can also find wide sandy beaches as well as rocky sections. Popular holiday resorts of the southern Tuscany are Castiglione della Pescaia and its district Punta Ala with its spacious beaches. Punta Ala also possesses a large marina with 900 anchorages and an inimitable golf course. Furthermore Punta Ala holds the Americas Cup every year, a regatta that bribes many tourists to the scenic town with its promenades and beaches. The Italians also spend their summer holidays in e.g. Le Rocchette or Pineta di Tombolo and enjoy the original and natural beaches behind the pine wood belt. The neat town Ansedonia offers fantastic beaches and a scenic landscape in the south of Tuscany. The hill of Ansedonia is similar to a little ran-ge, which turns towards the ocean. The rocks present a great contrast to the flat beaches. The island Monte Argentario, that is nowadays connected to the mainland but still cut off from mass tourism is also worth seeing. The breathtaking nature is already recognizable from the panoramic road that leads to the island. Small beaches and the cosy bays create a comfortable atmosphere to relax and unwind.

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